Sana Suhada

Sana Suhada Kinebi Skin Care Face Powder Sakura Edition 10g 素肌纪念日 日夜两用蜜粉饼 (限定樱花版)


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Skin Care powder that can be expected to have limited release cover effect, skin care effect, and sebum adsorption effect. The perfect skin for both morning and night with the best features of makeup and skin care.Newly blended with fine pink pearls, it gives a subtle sensation like cherry blossoms that color spring. In addition, we treat cherry blossoms in container and make spring feeling lively. Nude pink that can be hidden a little. Cherry blossom tea scent like spring. No mineral oil or tar pigments are used.



  • The scent of cherry blossom tea appears in the skin care powder that can be used 24 hours a day and sleep! 
  • Slightly glossy feeling with fine pink pearl formulation!
  • Make up for makeup in the morning and skin care at night.

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