SANTA MARCHE Green Tea Deep Cleansing Gel 圣玛赫 宇治绿茶卸妆洁面啫喱 400ML


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SANTA MARCHE Green Tea Deep Cleansing Gel

In addition to AHA, green tea , and natural beautifying ingredients, it contains natural cleansing ingredient "Quiraya bark extract" and pore cleansing ingredient "sodium bicarbonate" The strong makeup can be lightly removed without giving irritation.

  • The popular green tea serum cleansing product has been renewed as a quasi-drug. Easy to use
  • In addition, it has a simple and effective skin-beautifying formula that can be used by a wide range of people with skin troubles and those who are prone to rough skin
  • As well as treating acne and rough skin, mineral oil, paraben, and petroleum-based surfactants In addition to 4 free agents and alcohol, patch-tested
  • Cleansing without pore stains and stress-free skin, born from the voices of regular users


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