SANTA MARCHE Green Tea Deep Cleansing Gel 圣玛赫 宇治绿茶卸妆洁面啫喱 400ML


In addition to AHA, green tea , and natural beautifying ingredients, it contains natural cleansing ingredient "Quiraya bark extract" and pore cleansing ingredient "sodium bicarbonate" The strong makeup can be lightly removed without giving irritation.

santa marche圣马赫 日本圣玛赫卸妆啫喱宇治茶绿茶抹茶洁面养肤-宝贝详情-0santa marche圣马赫 日本圣玛赫卸妆啫喱宇治茶绿茶抹茶洁面养肤-宝贝详情-1santa marche圣马赫 日本圣玛赫卸妆啫喱宇治茶绿茶抹茶洁面养肤-宝贝详情-2santa marche圣马赫 日本圣玛赫卸妆啫喱宇治茶绿茶抹茶洁面养肤-宝贝详情-3


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