SC BEAUT'E Premium Revita Mask & Injection Trial Kit (1 Revita Mask + 1 Injection) 日本院线SC Beaute 微针精华原液涂抹式水光针注入紧致提拉面膜 (1片面膜+1支注射)


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SC BEAUT'E Premium Revita Mask & Injection Trial Kit 

A trial set that allows you to try both the popular syringe-type microneedle serum and a contact charge mask that prevents evaporation !

SC Beaute Premium Lotion Injection x 1
SC Beaute Premium Mask 1 piece
■SC Beaute Premium Injection 1 bottle A
special serum that contains two types of plant stem cell extracts and long-acting water-soluble vitamin C derivatives in addition to human-derived stem cell culture fluid.
Abundant beauty ingredients and spicules promote the self-renewal ability of the skin.

■SC Beaute Premium Mask 1
In addition to human-derived stem cell culture medium, this special sheet mask contains 5 types of growth factors, Matrixyl 3000, fullerene, retinol, super hyaluronic acid, 8 types of amino acids, and collagen.

With the evolution of skin physiology and cytology, spicules containing human stem cell culture fluid (purified by a special method of cancellous bone containing silicon) are directly injected into the skin.
Contains 2 types of microneedle
plant stem cell extracts + long-acting water-soluble vitamin C derivatives, etc.!!
Abundant beauty ingredients and spicules promote the skin's self-regeneration ability and improve skin troubles from the inside.

Penetrates the stem cell culture fluid without escaping
Special set of serum and sheet mask
A set of 1 SC Beaute Premium injection and 1 sheet mask.
Through the injection scipure (natural microneedle-shaped substance), the nutrients of the mask are penetrated without missing.
Please use it together and experience the effect.

How to Use

  1. After washing your face, apply an appropriate amount of SC Beaute Premium Injection to the entire face and areas of concern.(In the case of home care, after cleansing at night and after washing your face)
  2. Please use it especially on areas of concern such as the corners of the mouth, cheeks, and wrinkles between the eyebrows.
  3. After applying, gently apply while pushing.
  4. After that, use SC Beaute Premium Mask for 15-20 minutes.

*Made in Japan


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