Sekkisei Clear Wellness Smoothing Milk 140ml 日本雪肌精逸透系列莹透蓝舒缓乳液 140ml


Product Feature:

Moisturizing cream that penetrates comfortably with no sticky finish, absorbing easily. Hydration that surpasses expectations.

  • With the concentrated natural goodness of our beautiful Earth. A moisturizing cream that promotes silky smooth skin with deep clarity. Instantly absorbs deep into the stratum corneum, protecting the moisture barrier without feeling sticky.
  • Forms a layer of moisture with bio*2-derived polymer bestowed from the Earth. Protects skin and prevents dryness, reducing the visibility of pores and giving skin a fine texture.
  • Formulated with original ingredient ITOWA, sourced from Japan’s rich natural environment. Luxuriously packed with Asian herbs and other botanical ingredients to improve the quality and capacity of the moisture barrier, preventing irritation while leaving skin healthy and resistant to environmental troubles.
  • Formulated with Clarity Boost Complex to accelerate clarity.
  • With a clean fragrance to feel the breath of nature.
  • Paraben free

How to Use:

  • Use after preparing skin with lotion.
  • Smooth an appropriate amount gently over face with your palm or a cotton pad.





  • 在用化妆水调理肌肤后使用。
  • 取适量产品,用手掌或化妆棉轻柔地涂抹于面部。


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