SELENA Natural High Qauality Cotton Pads 70pcs 丸三天然优质化妆绵(卸妆优) 70片

  • wrapped fluffy cotton with a soft cotton sheet.
  • Cotton sheet completely wrapped the cotton inside. Fibers do not protrude from anywhere, preventing yore and folding.
  • Soft cotton sheet We just woven with the power of water. It is soft but not fluffy, leaving no fibers on your skin.
  • Soft round seal angle is is easy to use . 
  • 100% cotton natural cotton fluffy soft texture, soft absorbent, excellent absorbability. Easy to use large size It is a large size of a wide width that fits perfectly into a hand. You can clean more smoothly
  • size:50mm*70mm
  • 柔软的棉布包裹蓬松的棉布。
  • 棉布完全包裹棉花。 纤维不会从任何地方突出,防止褪色和折叠。
  • 柔软的棉布柔软但不蓬松,不会在皮肤上留下纤维。
  • 柔软的圆形密封角度易于使用。
  • 100%纯棉天然棉质蓬松柔软,吸水性柔软,吸水性极佳。
  • 易于使用的大尺寸完全适合手部。 可以更顺利地清洁Image result for 4973202392104Image result for 4973202392104

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