SENKA Perfect Emulsion Silky 150ML


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  • Envelop the skin with a smooth moisture veil, moisture continues for a long time.
  • After becoming familiar with skin finished with non-sticky rich moist.
  • Every time it gets used it leads to smooth skin like silk.
  • Moisturizing ingredients for dense moisturizing care.
  • Naturally derived silk essence, with hyaluronic acid, collagen GL blending.
  • Flavor-free / color-free.


The moisturiser is medicated with Shiseido-developed m-tranexamic acid to help treat and prevent dark spots and brighten skin tone. A blend of natural “Silk Essence” (sericin and hydrolyzed silk) and Double Hyaluronic Acid (sodium acetyl hyaluronate and sodium hyaluronate)  deeply hydrates the skin.



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