Shabondama Soap Hand Soap Bubble Guard 300ml 泡泡玉 泡沫除菌保湿洗手液

  • Always perfect smooth bubble leads to skin lotion.
  • Hand-made soap with natural oils and kettles that are gentle on the skin and high in detergency. The soap craftsman makes the natural fats and oils over a week, using the traditional kettle-cooking method (saponification method). Careful time will leave the natural moisturizing ingredients and moist, high-quality soap.
  • Use high-grade fats and oils for a refreshing wash.
  • Does not use antibacterial agents, antioxidants, pigments or fragrances. Bubble guard is not added, so your hands are not rough and you can wash your hands with confidence even if the number of times of hand washing increases.
  • As it is easy to use foam type, we recommend to small child.

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