SHIN BIHADA ICHIZOKU Sheet Mask 日本美肌一族面膜 (1pc)


A new series, "New Beautiful Skin Family". This face mask now features a sheet 2 times thicker than the original to wrap your skin gently for thorough permeation of the ingredients. It now has a milky texture, and increased serum from 27ml to 33ml in the sheet.

  1. Tightening: This sheet mask creates a luminous, bright, even skin tone with its featured pear branch extract and yogurt solution. Contains rosemary and illite clay, which remove impurities and old, dead skin cells in the pores, refining the skin's texture. Has a midnight rose fragrance.
  2. Uplifting: This sheet mask creates silky smooth, supple, glowing skin with its featured edelweiss and chamomile extracts. Contains Madonna lily root extract and hydrolyzed conchiolin, which protects skin from dryness, creating luminous bare skin. Has a sunrise lily fragrance.
  3. Moisturizing: It is rich in hydrolyzed silk and Madonna lily flower extract to nourish your skin and promote its soft, supple condition.
  4. Bihaku:  It is rich in Chinese peony extract, Himalayan raspberry extract, somei-yoshino leaf extract, and moutan extract to smooth skin surface, and promote sheer, luminous skin.

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