Shinjuku Takano

Shinjuku Takano Fruit Chocolate Gift Box 新宿高野TAKANO 水果巧克力禮盒


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Shinjuku Takano Fruit Chocolate Gift Box

Enjoy this luxurious fruit chocolate from the number one fruit purveyor in all of Japan, Takano Fruits!  Takano fruits is synonymous with flawless perfection and are home to the super expensive fruits often gifted on special occasions.

These chocolates come in 7 flavors using real fruit juices!

Melon, Lemon, Mango, Strawberry, Banana, Blueberries & Milk.

新宿高野TAKANO 水果巧克力禮盒

享受來自日本第一水果供應商高野水果的奢華水果巧克力!新宿高野TAKANO 水果是完美無瑕的代名詞,並且是通常在特殊場合贈送的超級昂貴水果的故鄉。

這些巧克力有 7 種口味,使用真正的果汁!



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