Aqua label 水之印

SHISEIDO AQUA LABEL A OIL IN SPECIAL GEL CREAM (Grapefruit Honey) 90G 资生堂水之印五效合一滋润紧致面霜 (柚子蜂蜜) 90g


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Product features:

  • As a special 5 in 1 facial gel cream: act as lotion, emulsion, essence, cream, and mask. 
  • While oil in and anti-aging collagen, among other specific components, provides the skin with deep hydration and elasticity.


  • 集化妆水,乳液,精华,面霜还有面膜五效合一的保湿抗衰面霜。
  • 除玻尿酸等保湿成分外,特有的精油添加配方可以有效实现深层补水,紧致细腻肌肤的功效。



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