SHISEIDO Cotton Puff 70pcs


Original closed design, one side can fit into the finger, it is more convenient and hygienic to use, so small details are only designed by Shiseido for you

Made of natural high-quality cotton with enough thickness and density, it is durable and does not lock water, and will not absorb too much skin care products
After high temperature sterilization, it is naturally free of fluorescent agents, which is not easy to cause allergies

It is not easy to produce cotton wool during the wiping process, and it is not easy to cause clogged pores
(The wiping action can take away the old cells of the epidermis and achieve a slight exfoliation effect !!! So why can't you just remove the makeup

Skin-feeling feels like feathers and silk, does not pull the skin during use, and can easily remove dirt from the face

It can be used for makeup removal, face washing and moisturizing.
At the same time, it can lock skin moisture and achieve moisturizing effect.
After use, the skin is fine and smooth, without tightness.

100% natural cotton
Made in Japan


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