Elixir 怡丽丝尔

Shiseido ELIXIR Superieur Enriched Wrinkle Cream 15g 眼唇抗皱霜 15g


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Elixir Lifting Moisture Lotion is an anti-aging skincare lotion from Shiseido formulated with exclusive ingredients to promote a firm, resilient and incredibly soft skin.

It features Shiseido's in-house developed M-tranexamic acid which prevents mottled and freckled skin by suppressing the generation of melanin.

It also contains collagen GL, mandarin orange CP, and inositol CP to build firmness and resilience while lifting your skin.

This Japanese skincare lotion has a relaxing aroma of aqua floral and a pleasant texture that penetrates and spreads quickly.

It is available in three different textures (Light, Moist and High Moist) depending on your skin type. This is the Light version for people with oily to normal skin.

Elixir Superieur is a revolutionary, entry-prestige anti-aging skincare brand from Shiseido that works nurturing the outermost surface of your skin which is the key to softness, clarity and radiance.


After cleansing your face, put few drops of lotion on the palm of your hand and spread it carefully on your face.


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