SHISEIDO Foundation Brush #131 资生堂粉底刷 #131


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  • Shiseido #131 Foundation Brush is a brush that is supervised by a professional makeup artist and researched, developed and produced by a beauty expert. According to the quality and length of the hair, the effect of the design of the inclined surface and the plane of the hair end is different. The brush can make the skin contact the foundation with a larger area, and the powder is even, thin and dense.
  • It is very good to cover the original beauty, showing a beautiful and natural makeup. Shiseido's professional-grade makeup brush combines the advantages of brush and sponge puff to achieve the ultimate balance of hair quality, density and length.
  • 资生堂 #131粉底刷 是由专业化妆师监修,美肌专家研究、开发并制作的刷子。 根据毛的质量、长度,毛端的倾斜面、平面等设计產生的效果不同,该刷子既能使肌肤能更大面积的接触到粉底,并且施粉均匀、薄、浓密。
  • 很好的将本来的素顏覆盖,呈现出很漂亮自然的妆容。资生堂专业级底妆刷,它结合了粉刷与海绵粉扑的优点,毛质、密度和长度均达到极致平衡。

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