Shiseido Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Long Long Long EX Mascara (BR 606) 资生堂 恋爱魔镜 魔法卷翘睫毛膏 (BR 606) 6g


Shiseido Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Long Long Long EX Mascara (BR 606)

  • Peacock feathers It is soft and fluffy and curls upward as if it were spread out.
  • Beautiful long mascara with beautiful long eyelashes for a long time.
  • A waterproof type that is resistant to sweat, sebum, and tears, and keeps curls for a long time without bleeding for a long time.
  • Color: Raspberry Brown

How to use
Steadily extend! How to make beautiful long lashes
・ By slowly combing the comb on the lashes without moving them from side to side, you can create lashes that naturally grow from the roots.
・ Turn the comb 3 times in the container to thoroughly entangle the liquid.
(1) Make the length: From the root of the lashes to the tip of the lashes, take 2 seconds to comb it upwards.
(2) Downy hair catch: Firmly catches even short hair such as the outer corners of the eyes and lower lashes, and the eyes are tight.
・ When removing, use an oil-based eye makeup remover, do not rub it forcibly, let it blend in well, and then wipe it off gently.

资生堂 恋爱魔镜 魔法卷翘睫毛膏 (BR 606)

颜色: 覆盆子棕

稳度扩大! 如何打造漂亮的长睫毛
・ 用梳子慢慢梳理睫毛,无需左右移动,即可打造从根部自然生长的睫毛。
・ 在容器中转动梳子 3 次,使液体完全缠结。
(2) 绒毛抓:连外眼角、下睫毛等短发也能牢牢抓住,眼部紧致。


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