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Shiseido Sublimic Airy Flow Shampoo (Unruly Hair) 资生堂 护理道轻盈丝逸洗头水 250ml


Shiseido Sublimic Airy Flow Shampoo (Unruly Hair)

Shiseido Professional introduces AIRY FLOW with breakthrough Flow Motion Technology to control stiff, unruly hair. It restores elasticity and bounce inside hair, lasting smooth control outside. With new freedom and flow even stubborn hair moves naturally with a touchable, lightweight finish. Salon control you can enjoy every day.

Fragrance "BLOOMING GARDEN" A floral, fruity fragrance

A fragrance which brings to mind a bright, gorgeous garden of flowers starting to bloom, composed of sweet, refreshing fruit and floral notes such as peach and muscat grapes, with a hint of deep Earl Gray Tea as the accent.

Cleanses with a rich lather, leaving hair silky-smooth, and making hair soft and easy to manage.

Suitable for hair:

For difficult-to-manage hair
Pursuit of soft and airy hair

Efficacy description:
1. (3-layer dynamic gain system) restores softness and elasticity from the core Filling microfibers with micro-elasticity composite material softens hair strands.
2. (Softening hair) Infiltrate the inner layer of hair with softening oil to replenish the lipid lost by rough hair.
3. (Air movement) Penetrates the hair with cuticle softening ingredients to create a silky texture, and at the same time automatically guides and repairs damaged cuticles with sensory defense ingredients.

资生堂 护理道轻盈丝逸洗头水





1. (3重动盈系统)从芯回复柔软弹性 以微细弹力复合物质填充微纤维,软化发丝。
2. (软化发丝)以软化油渗透发发内层,补充粗硬发丝所流失的脂质。
3. (空气动感)以角质层软化成分渗透发丝,打造丝般质感,同时以感测防御成分自动导向并修复受损角质层。




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