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Shiseido Sublimic Airy Flow Treatment (Thick Unruly Hair) 资生堂 护理道轻盈丝逸护发素 浓密型 250ml


Shiseido Sublimic Airy Flow Treatment (Thick Unruly Hair)

Shiseido Professional introduces AIRY FLOW with breakthrough Flow Motion Technology to control stiff, unruly hair. It restores elasticity and bounce inside hair, lasting smooth control outside. With new freedom and flow even stubborn hair moves naturally with a touchable, lightweight finish. Salon control you can enjoy every day.

Fragrance "BLOOMING GARDEN" A floral, fruity fragrance

A fragrance which brings to mind a bright, gorgeous garden of flowers starting to bloom, composed of sweet, refreshing fruit and floral notes such as peach and muscat grapes, with a hint of deep Earl Gray Tea as the accent.

Corrects the cross-sectional shape of unruly hair and softens the hair from the core while enhance the ease of styling using the heat of the hair dryer.
Makes hair airy and smooth with suppressed volume.

资生堂 护理道轻盈丝逸护发素 粗厚型





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