SHISEIDO TSUBAKI Conditioner 丝蓓绮护发素 450ml



  • Shiseido Tsubaki is one of the most popular Japanese hair care brands around the world. Known for its high-quality oils, tsubaki flowers are rich in oleic and linoleic acid, which are readily absorbed by skin and hair.
  • Capillary Transient Technology uses the capillary principle of plants to make hair care ingredients penetrate the core quickly

  • (PURPLE) VOLUME: improve hair's suppleness and elasticity without the use of silicones or parabens. Perfect for flat, oil-prone hair common among many Asian women, the combo also regulates sebum production of the scalp.
  • (BLUE) SMOOTH: Made especially for dry, permed, sun-damaged, color-treated and coarse hair, heals brittle hair, split ends and dryness.
  • (RED) MOIST: Helps create rich moist and smooth and soft texture. It will do wonders for those with dry or flat hair.


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