SHISEIDO Tsubaki Premium EX Intensive Repair Treatment Conditioner 资生堂 丝蓓绮 奢华黑离子修护强效EX护发素 490ml


SHISEIDO Tsubaki Premium EX Intensive Repair Treatment Conditioner 

The new Tsubaki series of hair treatment is specifically designed to repair damaged hair. If you feel that your hair breaks easily or is losing its shine, consider trying this hair treatment. 

Its original ion-repair formula penetrates into your hair to repair it from the inside out, while leaving it with a glossy finish. It also includes pearl-based protein and amino acids as supporting ingredients for healthier and stronger hair.

Formulated with Japanese camellia oil, royal jelly, and soy protein, these components also aid in smoothening your hair.

It has a sweet floral aroma of rose and Japanese camellia fruit.

资生堂 丝蓓绮 奢华黑离子修护强效EX护发素

全新丝蓓绮系列护发素专为修护受损发质而设计。 适合容易折断或失去光泽的发质。

其独创的离子修复配方渗透至秀发,由内而外修复秀发,令秀发焕发光彩。 它还包括基于珍珠的蛋白质和氨基酸作为支持成分,使头发更健康、更强壮。


  • 丝蓓绮沙龙美发系列史诗升级,离子修护成分渗入发丝,立体修护每一丝秀发
  • 独特“Premium EX”原发修护成分,修复发丝内部,闪耀水润健康光泽
  • 双倍黄金修护成分山茶油+蜂王浆+大豆蛋白,丝丝柔顺,秀发自带补光
  • 革新渗透技术,营养迅速吸收并深锁于发芯,持续滋养不流失
  • 典雅山茶玫瑰香氛,自带女神发香



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