SHISEIDO Tsubaki Premium Volume & Repair Conditioner (Value Refill) 660ml 资生堂 丝蓓绮茶花系列 特级修护护发素 (大容量替换装) 660ml


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SHISEIDO Tsubaki Premium Moist Conditioner (Value Refill) 

"0 second salon" Hair on the way home from the salon at home! Innovative penetration technology inspired by salon treatment technology penetrates beauty ingredients to the core of the hair. Repairs damaged hair from the core. Smoothly organizes up to the tips of the hair. A fresh, elegant and gorgeous floral fruity scent.

How to Fill

  1. Remove the spout cap, place the spout close to the mouth of the empty bottle, and slowly squeeze out the contents.
  2. If the contents still comes out, be sure to close the lid and store.
  3. To completely remove residual liquid, fold the product from the bottom and squeeze out.

    资生堂 丝蓓绮 0秒沙龙美发 金椿高级修护护发素 (大容量替换装)



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