Shiseido TSUBAKI Premium Repair Mask Sakura Limited 180g 日本资生堂TSUBAKI限定粉耀版臻护多效修护发膜 180g


Product Feature:

Premium Repair Mask by SHISEIDO TSUBAKI. A hair mask that replenishes beauty components to damaged hair tips. It gives hair the best quality, similar to what you'd get after a beauty clinic treatment. It has the ability to open up and release the cuticles, allowing the beauty components to permeate and nourish your hair all the way to the tips. Deep infusion of rich beauty components that provide exceptional damage healing and moisturization. Limited Edition Fragrance and Packaging inspired by early spring flowering pink camellias。

How to Use:

After shampooing and conditioning, carefully drain the hair and apply a generous quantity all over the hair. After that, be sure to rinse well (even if rinsed immediately, it has sufficient effect on the hair). It is suggested to use it only once or twice a week due to its great therapeutic impact.







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