SHO-BI PROVENCE Foundation Brush with Cap Small 粉底刷粉饼刷化妆刷高光腮红 小号


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  • This must-have brush is used to apply and blend all kinds of foundation quickly on small areas. Its small, rounded shape and straight bristles are ideal for a high coverage, even foundation result. It can be used with liquid and cream foundations.
  • Dot your favorite liquid or cream foundation through the center of the face and use the flat side of the brush to blend downward and outward.
  • 这款必备刷子用于在小范围内快速涂抹和混合各种粉底。 它的小而圆润的形状和直的刷毛非常适合高覆盖率,均匀粉底效果。 它可以与液体粉底和粉底霜一起使用。
  • 将您最喜爱的液体或乳霜粉底涂抹在脸部中央,然后使用刷子的平面向下和向外混合。

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