SHO-BI Provence Rich Whip Facial clean Brush (large) 浓密极细毛大号刷头洗脸刷


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  • It has a texture of 400000 silk threads with a 0.05 micro diameter,so it is possible to deep clean each pores,minimize the clogging,remove the acne.
  1. After wetting the tip of the hair well with warm water, whisk it with the facial cleanser .
  2. 2. When bubbling, wash face while drawing a circle so as to gently stroke from the center of the face to the outside.
  3. 3. After washing face, apply lotion or essence on your skin.
  • Wash thoroughly after use, please keep moisture tightly and store in a clean place with good ventilation.
  • In addition, we recommend that you store the bristles after you arrange the bristles.

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