Sho-Bi Sailor Moon Crystal Eyelash Prism Series 2 pairs (Mercury) 日本妆美堂X美少女战士Crystal限定款假睫毛 2对 (水野亚美)


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Sho-Bi Sailor Moon Crystal Eyelash Prism Series 2 pairs (Mercury)

The Sailor Senshi's individuality shines brightly.
Cute accents at the corners of the eyes. Introducing a set of eyelash and eyelash case with the colors of Sailor Moon Crystal's sailors as a focal point at the corners of the eyes. Colors at the corners of the eyes Makes you even more fashionable! Transform your eyes into the most attractive one ever!

  • 2 pairs in a box with eyelash storage box
  • The hair texture is soft, as natural as real eyelashes, and the roots are clearly defined.
  • Gently and elegantly, it creates a natural look and blends with real eyelashes.
  • Eyelashes are reusable

Mercury: AQUA×BLEU

Aqua and blue color eyelash.
Cool blue accent at the corner of the eye.

How to Use 

  1. Pinch the base of the false eyelashes with tweezers and gently lift them from the ends and peel them off from the tray. If handled roughly, the false eyelashes may be cut or damaged.
  2. Cut the false eyelashes to your desired length with scissors for a more natural look.
  3. Apply commercially available false eyelash glue thinly and evenly. Also, apply it firmly to the inner and outer corners of the eyes. Apply it by pressing lightly onto the eyelid, aligning it with the inner corner of the eye.
  4. When the glue dries, press it lightly with your fingers to blend it in.
  5. For detailed instructions on how to apply, please refer to the instructions for the false eyelash glue used.


日本妆美堂X美少女战士Crystal限定款假睫毛 4对 (水野亚美)

眼角处有可爱的点缀。 推出以美少女战士水晶水手们的颜色为眼角焦点的睫毛及睫毛盒套装。 眼角的色彩让你更时尚! 将您的眼睛变成最迷人的眼睛!

  • 一盒2对入附眼睫毛收纳盒
  • 毛质感柔软,尤如真睫毛般自然,呈现根根分明的效果
  • 轻柔飘逸打造出自然感,与真睫毛合为一体
  • 假睫毛可重复使用




  1. 用镊子捏住假睫毛的根部,轻轻地将其从末端提起,然后将其从托盘上剥离。 如果粗暴处理,假睫毛可能会被割断或损坏。
  2. 用剪刀将假睫毛剪成您想要的长度,以获得更自然的外观。
  3. 将市售的假睫毛胶涂薄而均匀。 另外,将其牢固地涂抹在内眼角和外眼角上。 将其轻轻按压在眼睑上,使其与内眼角对齐。
  4. 当胶水干燥后,用手指轻轻按压使其混合。
  5. 详细的使用方法请参考所用假睫毛胶水的使用说明。




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