SHOPRO PM Ev Plush Backpack 日本SHOPRO 宝可梦伊布公仔背包


SHOPRO PM Ev Plush Backpack

Introducing a stuffed toy backpack from the popular PM! A backpack that looks like a stuffed animal. Cute and cool character that you can go anywhere together.

Size: about 63 x 28 x 20cm

Material: polyester fiber

*Made in China

日本SHOPRO 宝可梦 伊布公仔背包

隆重推出人气宝可梦推出的毛绒背包! 看起来像毛绒公仔的背包。 可爱又酷的角色,可以一起去任何地方哦。

尺寸 : 约63 x 28 x 20cm




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