SK-II Facial Treatment Essence Special Coffret Set 日本SK-II 神仙水套装礼盒


SK-II Facial Treatment Essence Special Coffret Set

A luxurious set that allows you to enjoy SK-II's popular skin care products all at once. Among them, the main attraction is the actual product of the brand's best-selling lotion, "Facial Treatment Essence." This essence, which contains over 90% of SK-II's proprietary ingredient Pitera (*1), can not only be used regardless of age or skin type, but also approaches each individual's unique skin concerns with a variety of effects. By continuing to use it morning and night every day, it will maintain the natural health of your skin and lead to clear and transparent skin.

The coffret also comes with a mini-sized set of facial lotion "Facial Treatment Clear Lotion", facial cleansing foam", "Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser'', and beauty emulsion "Skin Power" that tackles the signs of aging caused by autumn dryness.

Set contents

  • SK-Ⅱ Facial Treatment Essence 230mL (actual) lotion
  • Facial Treatment Clear Lotion 30mL (mini size) Wiping lotion
  • Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser 20g (mini size) Facial cleanser
  • Skin Power Airy 15g (mini size) beauty emulsion

*Made in Japan

日本SK-II 神仙水套装 礼盒

SK-II豪华套装让您一次性享受 SK-II 的热门护肤品。 其中,最引人注目的是该品牌最畅销产品“护肤精华露(神仙水)。 这款精华液含有超过 90% 的 SK-II 专有成分 Pitera(*1),不仅适合任何年龄或肤质使用,而且可以针对每个人独特的皮肤问题提供多种功效。 每天早晚持续使用,可保持肌肤的自然健康,打造清透透明的肌肤。



  • 护肤精华露(神仙水*)  230mL
  • 嫩肤清莹露  30mL
  • 舒透护肤洁面霜   20g
  • 赋能焕采精华霜  15g



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