SK-II Tokyo 2020 Facial Treatment Essence Black 230ml


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SK-II is a brand that that offers women natural clear skin and timeless beauty through "Pitera" a special liquid the discovered through relentless research into beauty and the fermentation process of yeast.

Since the 70's for over 35 years, SK-II has been offering the key of moisture, clarity and beauty, "Pitera" leading women worldwide to timeless beauty.

SK-II offers "Pitera" products ranging from, basic care, aging care, whitening care as well as their prestige line and and base-up makeup. Also popular are their trial kits which you can test the efficacy of their products results which lead to clear and natural skin. 

  • Product Introduction

    Luxuriously blended Pitera. High treatment effect to arrange the original work skin prevents the rough skin lotion, and leads to moisture full of clear skin. Usage: putting the whole face from the areas of concern of skin trouble. The areas of concern, further plenty included in the cot down the essence, it is about 5 minutes fit in hot flashes areas of concern, such as dry and skin.

  • Product Use

    After washing, wipe after the lotion, cotton included a 500-yen coin size, after pressing lightly the entire face, gently politely, let soften.


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