Skater I'm Doraemon 3D Mask 5pcs/Pack 日本SKATER 三丽鸥哆啦A梦成人3D三层口罩 5片/包


Skater I'm Doraemon 3D Mask

  • Bacterial droplets, pollen, dust, PM2.5 and other harmful substances are filtered out 99% by the filter.
  • The oral space created by the three-sided three-dimensional structure allows smooth breathing.
  • Fit the face firmly with the nose wire. Do not create gaps on the sides and under the chin.
  • Use soft, flat rubber material that won't hurt your ears.
  • Ultra-thin foldable for easy portability and storage.

[Ingredients of high-performance 3-dimensional face mask regular size Aim Doraemon]
・The body: Polyester, polyethylene
・Earbands: Polyester, Polyurethane
・Nose wire: Polyethylene

Size: 130*205mm (when in use)

*Made in China

    日本SKATER 三丽鸥哆啦A梦成人3D三层口罩

    • 细菌飞沫、花粉、灰尘、PM2.5等有害物质通过过滤器过滤掉99%。
    • 三边立体结构营造出的口腔空间,呼吸顺畅。
    • 用鼻线牢牢贴合面部。 不要在两侧和下巴下方产生间隙。
    • 使用不会伤到耳朵的柔软扁平橡胶材料。


    [高性能3维面罩普通尺寸Aim Doraemon的成分]




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