Skater My Melody Non-woven Cloth Pleats Mask 10 pcs/Pack 日本SKATER 三丽鸥美乐蒂成人四层口罩 10片/包


Skater My Melody Non-woven Cloth Pleats Mask

  • on-woven pleated mask with embossed cute characters.
  • Four-layer construction with excellent dustproof effect
  • Outer fabric: sheet that prevents moisture from splashing
  • Filter: 99% blocking of pollen and bacterial droplets
  • Lining: Comfortable sheet that feels good against the skin
  • The space around the mouth creates a comfortable space, easing suffocation and making breathing easier.
  • Flat, soft elastic material is used to prevent ear pain.
Size: length approx. 95 x 165 (mm)

*Made in China

    日本SKATER 三丽鸥美乐蒂成人四层口罩

    • 编织褶皱面具,带有浮雕的可爱人物。
    • 四层结构,防尘效果极佳
    • 外层面料:防止湿气飞溅的片材
    • 过滤器:99% 阻隔花粉和细菌飞沫
    • 衬里:舒适的床单,对皮肤感觉良好
    • 嘴周围的空间创造了一个舒适的空间,缓解窒息,使呼吸更容易。
    • 扁平、柔软的弹性材料用于防止耳朵疼痛。
    尺寸:长度约 95 x 165 (毫米)



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