Skater Three-layer Non-woven Kids Face Mask 30pcs/box 日本SKATER 迪士尼小熊维尼儿童三层无纺布口罩 30片/盒

Skater  Three-layer Non-woven Kids Face Mask
  • Small size mask perfect for children.
  • For pollen, dust, cold measures! 3-layer structure with excellent dustproof effect!
  • A flat rubber made of a soft material that does not hurt your ears.

Mask size: Approx. W145 x H90mm (*Maximum size excluding ear straps)
Package size: Approx. W170 x H70 x D100mm
Materials: Polyester, polypropylene, polyethylene, polyurethane
Target age: 4 years old and over

*Made in Japan

    日本SKATER 迪士尼小熊维尼儿童三层无纺布口罩

    • 适合儿童的小尺寸面罩。
    • 在花粉、尘埃、寒冷对策! 三层结构,防尘效果极佳!
    • 由柔软材料制成的扁平橡胶,不会伤害您的耳朵。

    面罩尺寸:约。 W145 x H90mm(*最大尺寸不包括耳带)
    包装尺寸:约。 W170 x H70 x D100mm



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