Snoopy Peanut Lighting Clear Humidifier (Dazed) 日本史努比 小夜灯迷你加湿器 (发呆款)


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Snoopy Peanut Lighting Clear Humidifier

A compact humidifier with a PEANUTS design that emits mist and a light. It is USB-powered, so it is convenient because it can be powered from a PC or battery. Equipped with two operating modes: continuous and interval injection. The wide-opening lid makes it easy to refill water and clean. It has a gentle orange light so it can also be used as an interior decoration.

Size: Approximately W75×H125×D75mm
Capacity Weight: approx. 84g
Tank capacity: 200mL
Accessories: UCB cable C type included, sponge (spare)
Power supply: DC 5V (distributed from USB port)
Power consumption: 2W

*Made in China

日本史努比 小夜灯迷你加湿器

采用 PEANUTS 设计,可发出雾气和灯光的迷你加湿器。 采用 USB 供电,可以通过 PC 或电池供电,所以很方便。 配备两种操作模式:连续注射和间歇注射。 大开口的盖子方便加水和清洁。 它具有柔和的橙色光芒,因此也可以用作室内装饰。

容量重量:约。 84克
配件:包含 UCB 电缆 C 型、海绵(备用)
电源:DC 5V(由USB端口分配)



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