So Natural Premium Essential Deep Facial Oil 1 fl.oz 韩国SO NATURAL 天然保湿精华油


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An intensely hydrating All-Natural facial oil for those with dry to super dry skin type. It helps restore essential nutrients while balancing the skin's complexion. A few drops of this facial oil blended from pure plant oils will keep your skin retaining a long lasting moisture.


Directions for safe use: 

  • 100% natural facial oil for dry/extremely dry skin. 
  • Even morning and night before applying the cream during basic care, place an appropriate amount on your face, and gently press it as if you are embracing your face with your hands.
  • It can be mixed together with a base product (toner/serum/cream) or a base product. 



  • Always close the bottle with the stopper after use. 
  • Keep the product out of the hands of an infant or a toddler. 
  • Do not store the product in low or high temperature or under direct sunlight. 



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