SOORYEHAN BON 3PCS Special Set/秀麗韓 本 超保濕水乳面霜套裝


A skincare set containing ginseng extracts (roots, leaves and stems) that improves vitality, also delivers moisture and elasticity to skin.

  • Skin: A gel type toner that moisturizes and soothes dry, rough skin, leaving skin smooth and hydrated.
  • How to use: After cleansing, gently spread a moderate amount over face along the skin texture, lightly pat your face for further absorption.

  • Emulsion: Restores moisture and nutrients to revitalize fatigued skin. leaving it a radiant look.
  • How to use: After essence, take an appropriate amount and gently spread over face along the skin texture, slightly tap to enhance absorption.

  • Cream: Delivers ample nutrition and moisture to restore skin radiance.
  • How to use: Apply at the last step of skincare, take a proper amount with a spatula, evenly apply on the entire face and gently dab to aid absorption.


    • 本超保溼滋養水160ML
    • 本超保溼滋養乳130ML
    • 本超保溼 面霜25ml
    • 贈品
    • 本超保溼滋養眼霜5ML
    • 本超保溼滋養面霜10ML
    • 本超保溼水20ml
    • 本超保溼滋養乳20ml

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