SOORYEHAN Bon Cleansing Foam 秀雅韓 西施润本超润精萃深层洁面乳 100ml


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Sooryehan Bon Cleansing Foam

  • Bon is the oriental moisturizing and lifting line that helps to reinforce regenerative power of the skin. It contains medicinal ginseng obtained through a slow-drip method that extracts diverse active ingredients
  • Including ginsenoside and amino acid from the root, leaves and stem of the ginseng. It is elasticity enhancing line that moisturizes, and it also nourishes dry, fatigued skin, making it firm, revitalized and toned.

    How to Use

    Take a modest amount in the wet palm of the hands, make enough lather, softly rub face and then wash off with lukewarm water.

    *Made in Korea

    秀雅韓 西施润本超润精萃深层洁面乳






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