SOORYEHAN Ginseng Essence AD100 Special Set ( With Gift ) 秀雅韓 完美奇迹逆龄精华套装组(附赠品)

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SOORYEHAN Ginseng Essence AD100 Special Set

[WITH GIFTS :Bon Cleansing Foam 100ml]

Jirisan Snake Valley is an alpine area with an altitude of 700 meters. The natural ginseng grown by absorbing the charm of the mountain and nature is different from ordinary ginseng cultivation. It is a purely natural ginseng that does not use chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and compost. Compared with ordinary ginseng, it contains various Rich in ginsenosides, it can amplify various skin effects.

Set Includes:

  • Ginseng Essence AD100 50ml
  • Ginseng Cream 33ml
  • Ginseng Total Anti-Agining Mask


秀雅韓 完美奇迹逆龄精华套装组

[附赠品: 西施润本超润精萃深层洁面乳 100ml]



  • 完美奇迹逆龄精华 50ml
  • 真生面霜 33ml
  • 完美奇迹逆龄紧致面膜 



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