SOORYEHAN Hyobidam Fermented 3pcs Special Set ( With Gift ) 秀雅韓 酵秘谈滋养3件套装组(附赠品)


SOORYEHAN Hyobidam Fermented 3pcs Special Set

[WITH GIFTS :Hyobidam Fermented 5pcs Travel Gift Set]

It is an ingredient obtained by fermenting precious natural ginseng grown at an altitude of 700m in the clean Jirisan Mountain for 100 days in a vat at low temperature using lactic acid bacteria extracted from the natural fermentation method and re-analyzed by modern technology. Natural ginseng, which contains powerful origin, reduces the active ingredients to low molecular weight during the 100-day fermentation process.

Set Includes:

  • HyoBiDam Fermented Toner 150ml
  • HyoBiDam Fermented Emulsion 150ml
  • HyoBiDam Fermented Cream 25ml
  • HyoBiDam Fermented Toner 20ml
  • HyoBiDam Fermented Emulsion 20ml
  • HyoBiDam Fermented Cream 10ml
  • HyoBiDam Fermented Essence 5ml
  • Hyobidam Fermented Cleansing Foam 40ml
  • Hyobidam Fermented Anti-Aging Pack 40ml


秀雅韓 酵秘谈滋养3件套装组

[附赠品: 酵秘谈滋养5件旅行套装组]

是采用在自然发酵法经现代技术再解析后的发酵中 所提取的乳酸菌将生长在清净智异山海拔700m处的 珍贵自然参进行100日的瓮缸低温发酵所获得的成分。 蕴含强大本源之力的自然参在100日的发酵过程中 使得有效成分低分子化。


  • 酵秘谈滋养水 150ml
  • 酵秘谈滋养乳 150ml
  • 酵秘谈滋养面霜 25ml
  • 酵秘谈滋养水 20ml
  • 酵秘谈滋养乳 20ml
  • 酵秘谈滋养面霜 10ml
  • 酵秘谈滋养眼霜 10ml
  • 酵秘谈滋养精华霜 5ml
  • 酵秘谈泡沫洁面膏 40ml
  • 酵秘谈紧致面膜 40ml



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