SPR Samourai Woman Fragrance Beads (White Rose) 日本SPR Samourai 女士芳香香除臭小珠 (白玫瑰) 180g


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SPR Samourai Woman Fragrance Beads (White Rose)

Bead-type fragrance to enjoy in your room!
Also contains deodorizing ingredients!
The scent of White Rose.

  • Luxurious perfume scent.
  • Contains deodorizing ingredients to suppress unpleasant odors and bring out the scent of the fragrance.
  • Contains deodorizing ingredients. Also suitable for areas where you are concerned about odors.
  • For rooms, entrances, washrooms, etc.
  • A soft and gentle "Samurai Woman" scent full of transparency.
  • Recommended as a gift.

Precautions for use

  • This product is not food or drink.
  • Be careful where you place the product to prevent it from being accidentally ingested or ingested by children or people with dementia.
  • If you accidentally eat it, the beads will swell with moisture, which can cause a blockage in your throat, esophagus, and trachea, which can lead to serious illness, so family members should be careful.
  • Do not use for any other purpose.
  • Please place it in a stable place as the contents may spill.
  • Do not place it in a place where it will come into contact with walls, furniture, plastic products, curtains, etc., as it may discolor, deform, or fall over.
  • If liquid or beads spill, it may cause stains or discoloration, so wipe them off immediately.
  • If someone with sensitive skin comes into contact with the liquid or beads, they may get a rash, so be sure to wash your hands after handling.
  • Since natural ingredients are used, the color of the liquid and beads may change, but this does not affect the quality.
  • Be careful not to touch your eyes.
  • Liquid and beads may remain. Please discard it when the scent becomes weak after the usage period.
  • Never flush the beads down the drain or toilet, as they may absorb water and become clogged.

    How to Use

    1. Remove the cap.
    2. Do not tilt the container, peel off all and close the lid.
    3. Place it in a stable position.

    *Made in China

    日本SPR Samourai 女士芳香香除臭小珠 (白玫瑰)


    • 奢华的香水味。
    • 含有除臭成分,抑制难闻气味,带出香氛香气。
    • 适用于您担心气味的区域。
    • 适用于房间、入口、洗手间等。
    • 充满透明感的柔和温柔的“武士女人”香味。 推荐作为礼物。


    • 该产品不是食品或饮料。
    • 请小心放置产品的位置,防止儿童或痴呆症患者意外摄入或摄入。
    • 如果不小心吃了,珠子会因水分而膨胀,从而导致喉咙、食道和气管堵塞,从而可能会导致严重的疾病,所以家人要小心。
    • 请勿用于任何其他目的。
    • 请将其放置在稳定的地方,因为内容物可能会溢出。
    • 请勿将其放置在会与墙壁、家具、塑料制品、窗帘等接触的地方,否则可能会变色、变形或翻倒。
    • 如果液体或珠子溢出,可能会导致污渍或变色,因此请立即将其擦掉。
    • 如果皮肤敏感的人接触到液体或珠子,可能会出现皮疹,因此处理后一定要洗手。
    • 由于使用天然成分,液体和珠子的颜色可能会发生变化,但这并不影响质量。
    • 小心不要碰到眼睛。
    • 液体和珠子可能会残留。 使用期限过后气味变弱时请丢弃。
    • 切勿将珠子冲入下水道或厕所,因为它们可能会吸水并堵塞。


    1. 拆下盖子。
    2. 不要倾斜容器,剥掉所有并关闭盖子。
    3. 将其置于稳定的位置。使用方法



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