SPR Samourai Woman Freagrance Rubber Card (Anzu Shu) 日本SPR Samourai 女士芳香香薰卡(杏子)


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SPR Samourai Woman Freagrance Rubber Card

soft, sweet and lovely
Fragrance of "Samurai Woman Anzushu"
Fragrance: sweet fruity floral note

There are so many ways to use it in your closet, room and car!
In your room, office, car, gym or school.

  • Rubber material in the shape of a perfume bottle is adopted.
  • Compared with general paper materials, it has excellent durability.
  • The fragrance is long lasting.
  • By changing the usage scene over time, you can enjoy the fragrance for a long time.
  • Comes with a ribbon.
  • Translucent, soft and gentle samurai fragrance

How to Use
Open the bag, take out the main body, and use it in your room, wardrobe or anywhere you like.
Tie on a ribbon and hang to go.

*There are individual differences in the perception of smell, so please consider the people around you.
The smell will subside after about 1 to 1.5 months. By changing the use space according to the strength of the fragrance, you can enjoy the fragrance for a longer time. If the body odor is gone, replace it.

Ingredients: Rubber, Fragrance

*made in China

日本SPR Samourai 女士芳香香薰卡



  • 采用香水瓶形状的橡胶材料。
  • 与一般纸质材料相比,耐久性优异。
  • 香味持久。
  • 随着时间的推移改变使用场景,您可以长时间享受香味。
  • 配有丝带。
  • 半透明、柔软、温柔的武士女香


大约 1 至 1.5 个月后气味会减弱。根据香味的强度改变使用空间,可以更长时间地享受香味。如果身体的气味消失了,请更换。




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