ST Shoshu-Riki Room Deodorizer (Urban Luxe) 小鸡仔 消臭力 除臭芳香剂 (簡約摩登:優雅花香) 400ml


ST Shoshu-Riki Deodorizer For Toilet (Urban Luxe)

  • Elegant floral scent, coupled with the appearance of "simple and modern" as the theme, the marble pattern makes the whole furniture create a capable urban style
  • Contains fragrance oil carefully selected by perfumers. A perfume-like scent that suits your particular space spreads.

    • Top Note: Geranium
    • Middle Notes: Muguet, Rose
    • Base Note: Amber, Musk
  • A deodorant air freshener that quickly and powerfully deodorizes spaces by blending "nano powder," which is a deodorant that adsorbs malodors with nano-level pores. 

  • The fragrance and strength of the effect can be adjusted, and it usually lasts for about 2 to 3 months (depending on the usage conditions).

小鸡仔 消臭力 厕所除臭芳香剂  (簡約摩登:優雅花香)

  • 優雅的花香,再配上以「簡約摩登」為主題的外型,大理石花紋令整個家具營造出幹練的都市風 
    • 前調:天竺葵
    • 中調:鈴蘭、玫瑰
    • 尾調:琥珀、麝香
  • 通过掺合“纳米粉”快速,有力地对空间进行除臭,该纳米粉是一种吸附具有纳米级毛孔的恶臭的除臭剂。
  • 效果持续约2到3个月(取决于使用条件)。

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