STARBUCKS Korea 2023 Summer Limited Series Summer Joy Rattan Picnic Carrier 韩国星巴克 2023夏季系列限定夏日欢乐藤制野餐篮


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Starbucks Korea 2023 Summer Limited Series Summer Joy Rattan Picnic Carrier

A rattan picnic basket with the mermaid logo added to the oval shape.
It's a great product for summer picnics and holidays, and it's a functional product that includes a table mat and can be used as a simple table by flipping the lid.

This product is not a toy and should be used by children over 14 years old, and be careful not to let children play with it.
If it comes into contact with water, it may deform, so please wipe it off immediately.
After use, please store after fully dry (to prevent deformation, mildew),
Due to the characteristics of the PP rattan material, it may be damaged if scratched by a sharp object.
The included cotton pads may cause deformation and discoloration of the product, so please avoid washing, drying and ironing. Due to the nature of dyeing, the color of each product may vary.
The color and shape of the lid logo may vary depending on the product.

韩国星巴克 2023夏季系列限定夏日欢乐藤制野餐篮




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