STARBUCKS Korea 2023 Summer Limited Series Summer Joy Wall Pocket 韩国星巴克 2023夏季系列限定夏日欢乐壁挂口袋


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Starbucks Korea 2023 Summer Limited Series Summer Joy Wall Pocket

A wall bag that can be hung on the wall and store small items.

You can hang it where you need to store items to organize small items neatly, and it can also be used for interior decoration.

Due to the nature of cotton fabrics, dots on the fabric are not a defect.
Avoid washing or bleaching, otherwise it may cause deformation and discoloration of the product. If stains appear on the surface, wipe them off immediately with a dry towel.
Do not use an iron, it may cause the product to deform when ironing.
If you put too much content in the product, it may cause damage or deformation of the product, so please be careful when using it.
This product is suitable for use over the age of 14.
Accessories are not sold separately, so use and store with care.

韩国星巴克 2023夏季系列限定夏日欢乐壁挂口袋




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