SU:M 37° Bright award Bubble-De Mask Black 100ml 苏秘37°晶透净肤控油黑泡面膜 100ml


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Product Feature:

It is a wash-off type mask that makes the skin clear and lively by helping the deep cleansing of wastes in the pores with abundant microbubbles. The formula containing Black complex™ (bamboo charcoal, black quinoa, black tea) and micro-fermented pearl protein™, a fermented ingredient, makes skin tired from fine dust transparent and clean.

The secret of refreshing deep cleansing Black Complex™

Black Complex™ is added to the microbubbles to help deep cleansing in a powerful and refreshing way.

Black quinoa with excellent skin soothing effect

Black tea ingredient calms the skin with hypoallergenicity.

Brightening mask for clear skin tone

Micro Fermented Pearl Protein™ and Cytosis®to help brighten.

How to Use:

After washing the face, pump the container and apply the pack agent thickly to a thickness of about 2mm on the entire face except around the eyes, and then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water after 5 to 7 minutes.




美白+毛孔清洁+肌肤镇定+控油 四合一效果的净肤气泡面膜,丰富绵密的气泡可深层清洁毛孔内部的代谢物,是可打造活力净透肌肤的水洗面膜。配方含有竹炭,黑藜麦,黑茶的black complex和发酵成分所构成的发酵珍珠蛋白质。可清洁因雾霾等环境伤害而疲惫的肌肤,为肌肤带来透亮清洁之感。




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