SU:M37 Amazing Peeling Smoother / Sum:37 呼吸红酒去角质啫喱温和敏感肌孕妇可用


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  • This liquid peeling smoother contains Bordeaux wine extracts full of polyphenol and organic acids and fermented ingredients excellent in removal of dead skin cells and moisturizing and softly peels off skin surface.

  • After washing face, take a coin size amount on a cotton pad gently wipe the half of face along the skin texture, and take another amount on a new cotton pad, smooth over the half of face. After removing residues with enough soaked cotton pad, apply the basic skin care products. For oily and acne skin,it is recommended to wash face with lukewarm water.

  • 定期清除皮肤老化角质,能够提高皮肤对护肤品的吸收力,好成分真正渗透到皮肤里,才能得到护理,且效果更加显著!







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