SU:M37 Dear Homme 2PCS Set 苏秘37° 男士保湿补水礼盒套装


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The water gel-type toner/aftershave soothes skin after shaving with refined and moisturizing ingredients. Fermented minerals moisturizes the skin and makes skin moist and supple. Refines skin’s texture to give a vibrant look. Plus, the lightweight moisturizer softly wraps men’s rough’s skin, making the skin feel smoother and softer, and also making skin to stay moisturized all day long without sticky sensation or greasy feeling. This completed men set delivers all the goodness to skin to restore it to the healthy state.

This special set includes:

  • Dear Homme Perfect Toner 130ml + 25ml (sample)
  • Dear Homme Perfect Emulsion 110ml + 25ml (sample)
  • Dear Homme Perfect All-in-One Serum 5ml (sample)
  • Dear Homme Perfect Cleansing Foam 40ml (sample)

How To Use: 

  • Follow the appropriate steps with included product in the set. Apply onto skin in the morning and evening.

Step 1: Dear Homme Perfect Cleansing Foam

Step 2: Dear Homme Perfect Toner

Step 3: Dear Homme Perfect All in One Serum

Step 4: Dear Homme Perfect Emulsion


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