Su:m37 Dear Homme Perfect Toner 呼吸 男士清爽保湿爽肤水 130ML


This watergel type toner/aftershave soothes male skin after shaving with refined, pure alcohol and moisturizing ingredients and supply moisture to skin with fermented minerals, thereby rendering male skin moist and fresh.

After cleansing or shaving everyday, put an appropriate amount on the palm and gently pat the face and neck until absorbed.

When using a cotton pad, pump more than twice enough to soak it and apply to face and neck by patting.


SUM37呼吸,天然发酵。 适合18岁以上的男士!适合任何肌肤,痘痘肌肤也可以。很温和。镇静剃须后受刺激的肌肤。


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