SU:M37 Water-Full 2PCS Set 苏秘 水漾沁润系列 水乳套装礼盒


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Offers moisture to skin to create radiant skin. After washing your face, apply moderate amount and pat for absorption.

Set includes: 

  • Water-Full Skin Refresher 170ml/5.74 fl.oz, Water-Full Rebalancing Gel Lotion 120ml/4.05 fl.oz
  • Water-Full Timeless Water Gel Cream 10ml/ Wate-Full Timeless Water Gel Mist 30ml
  • Water-Full Timeless Water Gel eye Lifting Essence 5ml
  • Water-Full Timeless Water Gel Pore Essence 5ml
  • Skin Saver Essential Cleansing Foam 40ml

1. SU: M37 Water Full of Skin Refresher

- This toner contains an abundant amount of fermented bamboo juice that is immediately absorded, soothes and moisturizes the skin.

2. SU: M37 Water Full Rebalancing Gel Lotion

- This gelatinous lotion, with its refreshing finishing texture, contains enriched, fermented bamboo juice and moisturizes the skin, as if a hint of water droplets remains on the skin even after use.

3. SU: M37 Water Full Timeless Water Gel Cream

- This gel-like cream, with its light and cool texture, provides freshness to your skin, which has become dull and tired from the strong UV rays and dry environment.

4. SU: M37 water full TimeLess Pore Essence

- Fermented ingredients to moisturize the skin to dry and refine the skin to keep pores gently moisturizing the skin and elastic.

5. SU: M37 Water Full of Water Gel Eye Lifting Essence

- Rich moisture for thin and weak skin. Elastic and moist skin around the eyes.

6. SU: M37 Water Full TimeLess Water Gel Mist

- This Gel Moisturizer contains fermented bamboo juice, moisturizes the skin through plenty of nutrients.

7. SU: M37 Skin Saver Cleansing Foam

- Mild formula with herbal ingredients for easy removal of skin wastes in pore. Essential fermented moisturizing ingredients are included for long lasting moisturizing effects. Liquid type of foam cleaner.

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