Sugar Butter Tree

Sugar Butter Tree Sandwich 14 Pieces 日本砂糖奶油树 原味夹心脆饼礼盒 14入装


Sugar Butter Tree Sandwich

The wonderful crispness of these cookies comes from our special dough made with a variety of different cereal grains. Each cookie is coated with butter and sugar before baking. The crispy texture of the cookie and the aroma of browned butter complement the milky taste of the white chocolate filling.
Renewed with even better taste. It cracks and is bite-sized and easy to eat!
Nutrition facts
Calories 83 kcal/piece
Protein 1.3 g/piece
Fat 4.7 g/piece
Carbohydrate 8.9 g/piece
Sodium 61 mg/piece

Wheat Flour, Chocolate, Butter, Rye Flour, Processed Oil (Refined Processed Oil, Vegetable Oil), Whole Wheat Flour, Powder Sugar, Sugar, Oats, Bread Crumbs, Skim Milk Powder, Salt, Yeast, Corn Grits / Emulsifier (Soy origin), Flavor, Antioxidant (Vitamin E), Yeast Food
*Made in Japan

日本砂糖奶油树 原味夹心脆饼礼盒


碳水化合物 8.9 克/个
钠 61 毫克/片

小麦粉、巧克力、黄油、黑麦粉、加工油(精炼加工油、植物油)、全麦面粉、糖粉、砂糖、燕麦、面包糠、脱脂奶粉、盐、酵母、玉米糁/乳化剂(大豆来源) )、香料、抗氧化剂(维生素 E)、酵母食品



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