SUGAR BUTTER TREE x Moomin Assortment 12pcs/box 砂糖奶油树x噜噜咪联名夹心脆饼 12片/盒


SUGAR BUTTER TREE x Moomin Assortment

The packaging, which is said to have a Scandinavian design with its mustard yellow and blue-green colors, comes with a pop-up. It has a charming illustration of Moomin, who is impatient because he can't dig a hole well, as if everyone is kindly watching over him. When the lid is opened, Moomin, Snufkin, and Little Mii pop out. The Moomin Sugar Butter Sandwich Tree and Apple Ginger Brûlée are both included in the assortment and are considered suitable as gifts.

日本HOKKA北陆制果 噜噜米牛奶饼干

包装采用了芥末黄和蓝绿色的斯堪的纳维亚设计,带有弹出窗口。 里面有一幅可爱的姆明插画,他因为挖不好一个洞而很不耐烦,就好像每个人都在亲切地注视着他。 当盖子打开时,姆明、斯努夫金和小米就会跳出来。噜噜咪砂糖奶油和苹果姜汁布蕾口味的夹心饼干都包含在分类中,被认为适合作为礼物。


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