SUGAR BUTTER TREE x Moomin Assortment 16pcs/box 砂糖奶油树x噜噜咪联名夹心脆饼 16片/盒


SUGAR BUTTER TREE x Moomin Assortment

The design features a mischievous Little Mii touching an electrified Gnoronyo and a light bulb coming on. The bright magenta pink color is decorated with lively illustrations of Little Mii, Gnoronoro, a tea set, flowers, and more. The design allows you to enjoy the sweets in the box even after you have finished eating them, by displaying it in your home or using it as a glove box.

Include a combination of two flavors, a classic and a limited-time-only flavor, that can be enjoyed together. The standard "Moomin Sugar Butter Sandwich Tree" is made with a special crispy cereal dough mixed with whey powder from Finland's raw milk, and sandwiched between fluffy air-in chocolates that look like round, white Moomins. The "Apple Ginger Brûlée" is a limited time only flavor of crispy brûléed cereal dough with a light cinnamon ginger aroma, sandwiched between sweet and sour apple chocolates. Enjoy it with a cup of tea or coffee for a soothing snack time.


盒子设计的特点是淘气的小 Mii 触摸带电的 Gnoronyo 和一个亮起的灯泡。 明亮的洋红色粉红色装饰着 Little Mii、Gnoronoro、茶具、鲜花等生动的插图。 该设计让您即使在吃完后也能享受盒子里的糖果,无论是在家中展示还是将其用作手套箱。

包括两种口味的组合,一种是经典口味,另一种是限时口味,可以一起享用。 标准的“姆明糖黄油三明治树”是用一种特制的酥脆麦片面团混合芬兰原奶的乳清粉,夹在蓬松的空气巧克力中间,看起来像圆形的白色姆明。 “苹果姜汁布蕾”是一款限时口味的脆皮布丁麦片面团,带有淡淡的肉桂姜香味,夹在糖醋苹果巧克力之间。 与一杯茶或咖啡一起享用,享受舒缓的小吃时光。


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