Sum:m37 bright award bubble de mask 呼吸泡泡面膜 黑白两款


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  • Three-in-One effect facial mask; brightening, deep pore cleansing and skin smoothing.
  • It foams up and releases oxygen bubbles into your skin, creating instantly brighter skin. The mask also deep cleans your pores by drawing out harsh pollutants and it also soothes and softens your skin.
  • The product is packaged in a plastic bottle with a built in pump and top, containing 100mL of product. You use it right after you wash your face, before the rest of your skincare routine.
  • 洁面后涂抹泡泡面膜,先涂额头、脸颊、下巴、T区,涂抹要均匀,一次完成,涂完后不要用手再碰触。泡泡面膜会在空气的作用下慢慢氧化,产生泡泡然后泡泡破裂,这个过程脸会有痒痒的感觉(痒痒是正常现象哦),泡泡越多破裂速度越快、痒痒的程度越大,说明你脸上的深层污垢越多,坚持几分钟后就可以用清水洗掉了之后再正常基础护肤就好了
  • 气泡面膜_02.jpg“呼吸黑色泡泡面膜”的图片搜索结果气泡面膜_07.jpg气泡面膜_03.jpg

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