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Sumikko Gurashi Cotton Swab 100pcs 三丽鸥 角落生物绵棒 100根



  • Materials: disinfectant board, paper shaft, antibacterial
  • Abundance of cotton sticks: 100 pieces
  • Measure: approx. 6 x 6 x 8 cm
  • Progress Country: Japan

1. Intense cleaning, corrosive slag, and external damage to the main body of construction.
2. Reasonable difference in color difference, consideration of a small amount of money, and a product that has been received since the end of the day.
3. Product dimensions. Possible cause Certain trivial error due to error, error margin 2 common upper and lower.
4. Seasonal merchandise non-contact non-returnable coins, I donated at the same time.
Ajiro Shumon City unequaled, due to the cause system, Narumoto Shigemoto's relations, late unaccepted undelivered storefront exchange money


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